Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not Exactly Your Usual Beach Reads

I seem to be reading a lot of grim Nordic mysteries lately. The latest author I read is Jo Nesbo, whose last book concerns the recurring theme of nazism. I think The Girl  books set off this popularity. I've read two by Camilla  Lackburg that were absolutely horrifying, and very, very good.

I went to the Chuckanut Writers Conference with agent Andrea Hurst, and another agent  there, Kate Folker, and I talked a lot about books we like. I was thrilled that she actually knew about Dorothy Dunnett and Rosemary Sutcliffe, two of my favorite historical novelists. She was reading a political thriller by Charles Cumming that sounded good. When I checked on him at the library, most  of his books had a pretty long waiting list, but I did get TYPHOON, which turned out to be one of those books that keep me reading till dawn. Of course, living near the Canadian border means dawn comes very very early.

Actually I have read a couple of  real beach reads. Janet Evanovich's  17th, with Ranger, Joe, and Joe's scary grandmother all wanting a piece of our heroine. I'm reading a new Daisy Dalrymple cozy, set, of course, in a country house in England.

My friend Mare loaned me a paperback called Hounded  by Kevin Hearne, who immediately endeared himself to me by dedicating the book to his mother. The main character is a 2000 year old druid, who is surrounded by gods, witches, werewolves and vampires, in Tempe, Arizona. Next in the series are Hexed and Hammered. I can't wait.

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