Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't gotten my new blog set up, so I thought I'd catch up on the many books I've read-well at least some of them.
Right now I'm reading Phil Rickman's new book, The Bones of Avalon. It isn't one of the Merrily Watkins books, but rather a stand alone(I assume) written in the first person, about Dr. John Dee, astrologer and scientist in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. It's about a search for the bones of King Arthur. I'm not far into it, but already there's a horrible murder in the ruins of  Glastonbury Cathedral.
I read Meg Wolitzer's The Uncoupling, a take off on Lysistrata. It's interesting but didn't really grab me.
A nonfiction book that kept me reading till too late is Philip Connors' Fire Season. He spent eight fire seasons in a remote lookout in New Mexico. The book is about being a lookout, but it's also about the evolution of forest management, some notable writers who have had the same experience such as Edward Abbey and Jack Kerouac and  Norman MacLean. A wonderful book-the best kind. He's an entertaining writer and I learned a lot.

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