Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I've been so busy raising Fingal I haven't read much. Have you ever noticed that wehn you request books from the library they all come in at one time? Right now I am truly overwhelmed. I have five at home and two waiting at the library. Soo. I read most of Simon Winchester's Atlantic. I am a pretty fast read but after a week I gave up on page 300 and somthing. Not that it isn't interesting it's just DENSE.  The early exploration was fascinating as were the sea battles, but with the rest  of the books staring at me I  put it down. Now for a chnage of pace, I'm reading Wait For Me, by Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Devonshire. I have read other books by and about the Mitford clan, and am enjoying this one.  Stacked up on a table are Driving on the Rim, by Thomas McGuane,  one of the many fine Montana writers;  Mink River by Brian Doyle, set on the Oregon coast; and the one I'll probably read next, The Wave, by Susan Casey. It's subtitled  In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean. My son Andrew read it and it really freaked him out. Susan Casey wrote The Devil's Teeth, a fascinating book about the Farallon Islands. 
Once again I'll have the Book Lover's Calender, from which I found so many books I might never have read otherwise.
Happy New Year.

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