Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I've been thinking about books I recommend and ones I'd like to get for Christmas. Here are a few I've read, that you might consider.
A different take on the vampire novel: Vlad by C C Humphreys. No teenage angst no wild sex scenes. This is a well written novel about the life of the real Vlad, full of detail, great backgound. He gives a looong list of resources, and has a glossary. It begins when Vlad is a young hostage of the Turks, and ends with, perhaps, his death. It's absorbing, and I was caught up in the story of a period when the Turks spread over a large part of eastern Europe. This is a fine book for a history buff.
Having read The Birth of Venus for my book club, and enjoyed it, I am now reading Transgressions, also by Sarah Dunant.This  is a totally different sort of novel. A woman and her lover have had a rancorous separation nine months before, and now odd things are happening in the house she owns in London. She comes home to find all her CD's are stacked in the middle of the kitchen table.Later, she  finds her kitchen table set for dinner, and two pots of food for her cat on the floor. Hmmm. And I'm sitting here not knowing what comes next.
Maggie O'Farrell's novel, The Hand That First Held Mine is a haunting look at interconnecting lives, and a past that shapes their future. I read till 2am with this one.
Others I'd recommend: Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain; The Hearts of Horses or anything else by Molly Gloss; Behind the Scenes at the Museum or anything else by Kate Atkinson.
Mysteries by Peter Robinson, Tana French, Fred Vargas.
Funny books by Christopher Moore, Carl Hiaason and Janet Evanovich.
Fantasy by Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson
As for books I want-the next book by any of the above.

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