Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Old Miscellaneous

There's more to life than just reading...right? Right?Well, there was the PNWA Conference. I had fingers crossed, didn't place, but another writer of Scottish history came in second, and I look forward to reading hers, set in the 19th Century. In the meantime, I have a list of agents and editors to send my ms to, and have taken a vacation from the 18th Century to help out on a nonfiction history of Coupeville (1850-1950). I'm excited about doing this. So far, most of my copy is stored in my brain, and I'm sorting it out.

About books:

During a trip to the used book store in Anacortes, I was looking for a Kate Atkinson book and found another British author I'd not heard of: Isla Dewar. I bought Keeping Up With Magda and was hooked. I've read five more of her books and am addicted. Her books are full of strange events, strong characters who make massive mistakes, and unexpected endings.

I also came back with a copy of The Western Writings of Stephen Crane, Drinking Dry Clouds by Gretel Erlich, The Writing Life by Annie Dillard, and Border Songs by Jim Lynch. I've read that before & loved it, so I must giove this copy to someone I really like.

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